Words Of Wisdom







“Besides the art of getting things done,!! There is also the noble art of leaving things

undone.!!! The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of all the nonessentials.!!!

“Our soul always knows the real truth..! The real challenge is to convince the mind.!!!

“Stress is not related to circumstances.! It is an outcome of poor self-management.!!

Patience is not about how long we wait.!! It is about how well we behave while we are


“Hope” is one of the greatest gifts to all of us.! It’s that magic which inspires us to keep

trying, learning, loving & living..!!!

“We Should Not Downgrade Our Dream to Match Your Reality..! Rather, Upgrade Our

Faith To Match Our Destiny..!!!

“Life is like a playing chess with God.!! After every move, He makes the next move .!! Our

moves are called Choices.!! While His moves are called Challenges.!!!

“Knowledge has no worth unless put it into practice or shared.!! What we know is just a

drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.!!!

“When instead of reacting against a situation,! We merge with it,!! The solution arises

out of the situation itself.!!!

“Every good thought contributes its share to the ultimate result of our life as thoughts

lead to action.!! We May Find The Worst Enemy Or Best Friend In Ourself.!! We will

never be alone if we are accompanied by noble thoughts.!!!

“Our ability is not in how we plan our lives.!! But how we stand and face the challenges

when our plans don’t not work.!!!

“Our Future is the brainchild of our Imagination.!! Only hope and persistent efforts can keep our Imagination alive forever .!!!