Dr. Samir Tleel came from an affluent Jerusalem family, where his father was a philanthropist. He went into transition at the age 46. His mother was a beautiful, kind-hearted home maker. His mother raised him well and taught him to respect women.  He was born in the Accre and his family has been in Jerusalem since 1650. His grand grandfather, David Tleel, was buried in Jerusalem in 1832.
He attended the St. Luke University and graduated from the College of the Good Shepard in Bruit Lebanon. He went directly to Embry Riddle International School of Aviation. Later, he attended New York University and he graduated from UCLA Medical School in Cardiology, laser and major medical specialties. After graduating medical college Dr. Tleel went to Vietnam War for 2 years, and served in the reserves of the US Army for seven years.
His best friend, a cardiologist, Dr. Bernard Mahabir, was a heart surgeon for Henry Kissinger’s, was a Trinidadian. His sister, Lily Tleel Chamy, both went into transition. Dr. Samir Tleel was very sad and he wanted to do something in their memory of these special people in his life. So he founded the SB TLEEL MEDICAL FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN AND WOMEN in 1999. This is how his calling for the conscious lead him to serve his best friend’s country- Trinidad and Tobago.
He is a Beverly Hills Icon doctor, known for his philanthropic work. He supervises doctors from three hospitals: Good Samaritan, Ceder Sanai and UCLA, for his missions for women and children in Trinidad, since 1999.  He does cardiac operations, helps Down Syndrome children and whatever the children need may be, whether, they are in need for mental or physical healing, Dr. Tleel is there! His charity has been supported by his own family’s funds and it is very well controlled by IRS. He is training doctors in Trinidad to carry out his legacy.
He visits the Children’s Hospital where he gives out the red noses and new two-dollar bills after they make a wish for whatever they want to be!  During the Olympic Games for the Down syndrome children in 2017, he gave out Red noses and two dollar bills to those children. People get so excited and he makes their day. He also receives a lot of blessings from so many strangers.
Currently, he is working in Morocco, Jerusalem, Jordan and refugee camps all over the Middle East. He is a co-author of a book called “I AM JERUSALEM,” with his first cousin Dr. John Tleel, which was promoted globally.
In 2015, he was nominated as a Global Peace Leader and Vice President of ART 4 PEACE AWARDS. He believes there is no peace, unless he creates jobs, tourism, and provides medical care and healing.
He has been teaching laser in Beverly Hills. He is the top doctor in the town.  His favorite food is Lebanese. He loves to consume fruits and veggies. SB Tleel has treated numerous patients around the globe and he is a hidden philanthropist. He is honored to be Vice President next to Dame Munni Irone.