2nd February 2019, Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi Event on aims to bring all the honourable preachers of Peace on one stage for the campaign “Being One” to make the global positive change. The organization will talk about the Self Sustaining shelters and it mega project Wisdom Land, its aspects and functionality and to raise fund to create the proposed self-sustaining shelters. For India, the organization has already reserved the land in Mumbai.

Vision of the Organization

The organization’s goal is to promote the culture of World Peace and to create jobs & tourism in India and other countries via various proposed and ongoing projects and activities. The organization, through their Art 4 Peace awards, have been organizing the peace campaigns to almost 50 countries within the seven continents around the world to honour the people who stand for non-violence, love and peace and serving the people for no profit gains.

Mission of the Organization

Art4 peace awards organization dreams are to build self sustainable shelters for poor people, MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN and ANIMAL alike. The five star facilitated self sustainable shelters will have it’s own organic farming, Ayurveda, education, medicine and recreational activities and employment to many at the same time.

Objective of the Organization

Art4 peace awards organization is trying their best efforts to create POSITIVE THINKING among the masses and to promote the culture of BEING ONE and WORLD PEACE. The organization through their various activities around the world, aims to create Self-Sustainable Shelters for the needy, MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN and ANIMAL alike through their WISDOM LAND PROJECT.