The primary purpose of Arts 4 Peace Awards (“A4P”) are threefold: First, it will bring cultures and people together while promoting a non-violence lifestyle for love and peace. Dr. Hong has successfully created a positive community worldwide via wisdom and martial arts. He proved that world peace is feasible only via nonviolence, wisdom and the arts. This historic Global Peace Movement was mobilized in New Jersey in January at the Edison Hotel in 2016. The nominees gathering from seven continents will come to our grand finale Black Tie event on October 28th at the Saban Theatre! JOIN US WITH YOUR FAMILY AND HAVE FUN AND BE A PART OF THIS HISTORIC BEVERLY HILLS EVENT

Firstly, we are creating a momentous event to be enjoyed by people of all ages and economic positions while the red carpet events are basically limited to the people with financial means. Secondly, we bring world peace by teaching people to accept their culture and be proud of it, while learning about other cultures. They don’t need to imitate others or lose their own identity. Thirdly, Arts 4 Peace Awards will generate revenue in the Beverly Hills, the host city. This will create a positive stimulus for the economy by bringing together various forms of art expression. Artwork that is sold will serve as a l boost employment and personal pride for the residents and participants. Founder of Arts 4 Peace Awards, Munni Irone, is a resident of Beverly Hills. She wants this joint international venture to be the focus of the Arts 4 Peace organization.